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Free Computerized Water Test

To give your pool or spa clarity beyond compare, let our professional staff at Seasonal test your water, and give you a free computerized water analysis. 

Water Testing.jpg

DE Filter Cleaning & Repair

If you are unhappy with the flow that your DE filter is providing or if you are getting DE back in the pool, drop you filter tank off, and we will clean and make any necessary repairs.


In-Ground Liner Replacement

Is your in-ground liner faded or leaking? In-ground liner replacements.


Pump Repair

We offer the finest pump repair in the industry. Our repair services include installation of bearings, gaskets, impellers rotary switches, re-insulating windings, cord replacement and more.


Safety Cover Sales

Protect your family, pets, and pool with a mesh or solid safety cover for your in-ground pool. It makes opening your pool a snap. 


Hot Tub Service

For Hot Tub Service & Repair, call the Spa Doctor 401-265-0201

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